The Stage of Digital Transformation
This survey is part of my thesis that examines the topology, structure, and evolution of the digital transformation within organizations. Your contribution to this survey helps to better understand the perception regarding the current stage of digital transformation.
What are the key drivers of digital transformation within your organization that catalyze change? (select all that apply) *
What are the challanges of digital transformation within your organization? (select all that apply) *
In terms of your organization’s existing digital strategy, to what extent are you doing the following to support your digital transformation? *
Fully completed for now
In process of doing – mature stages
In process of doing – early stages
Planned to do
Not done and no plans to do
I don't know
Increase investment in cloud infrastructure
Increased investment in mobile technologies and accessibility
Increased investment in social media platforms
Increased investment in data analytics and visualization
Increased investment in data storage and processing
Increased investment in open source technologies
All device access, control and security are managed centrally
Thinking about what a digital business looks like, which of the following is your organization doing? (select all that apply) *
How would you categorize how your organization is addressing each of the below digital attributes in order to stay competitive and succeed in our increasingly digital world? *
Doing well, organization-wide
Doing well, in parts of the organization
Not doing well
Research / planning stage
No plans
I don't know
Predictively spot new opportunities
Innovate in an agile way
Demonstrate transparency and trust
Enable a data-driven culture
Always on, operating in real time
Provide digital skills and training
What new innovations or solutions is your organization investing in over the next 1-3 years to enable digital business? *
What level of decision-making authority do you have on purchasing hardware, software or services for your organization? *
What is your county of residence? *
Which of the following most closely matches your job title? *
What is the size of your organization? *
What is your job function? *
What is your organization's predominant sector? *
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