Who am I? What do I WANT? What do I DO to get it?
In this form, you will have to THINK about what your deepest wishes and feelings are for your life. This will be a confidential document. Only if you AGREE on it, we will share it with the leaders of your community. It will help you and me to connect on a deeper level to see how we can make your dreams come true.
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Do NOT think that you need to do an unfulfilling JOB! Do NOT think that for YOU there IS only this unfulfilling job, main thing you earn money. Do not throw yourself away! You are valuable!
When you don't have a job, you start your own business!
What would be your dream career? *
Being a very good mom can also be a dream career. It has in fact, nothing to do with your financial life. You can also be a good mom and do something you would love to do besides that, for example taking care of other children.
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What keeps you from this dream career? *
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What are your biggest talents? *
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Which of these talents do you USE right now? *
Write down what you are doing with these talents?
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How do you feel about the not used talents? *
Which if these talents would you love to use now?
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Do you see an opportunity to use your talents? *
Look around you. Is there a place, situation, possibility to use your talents?
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Do you have a partner who you completely trust, who would be interested to work with you and start a business, so that you can combine your talents? *
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If you have a partner, what would this partner bring into your business?
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The best business you can start is ALWAYS helping other people.
This does not mean that you cannot sell something which might bring you a lot of money. It means that people are better off working with you. For you would provide the BEST Service because you LOVE what you do.
The more people you help, the more you will earn.
Go outside. Look around you with eyes you never used like this before... WHO needs your help and can profit from your talents?
You might never have SEEN what you can DO in your own community and earn on it. Do not THINK with your BRAIN, THINK with your HEART!
Ideas you may see...
Do not think: I cannot do this, this is too expensive, or this is .... whatever excuse you find NOT to do what you REALLY want to do. When this is your heart, you WILL find a way! There WILL be a way!
For example: Bake one bread and buy something delicious to put on it. Go out and sell the bread with profit. Do not SPEND the profit but bake two more breads and make more sandwiches, then 4 and so on. Keep your costs LOW, but your quality HIGH and NEVER ever spend more than you earn. Do NOT spend it on starting making your personal life better in this stage!! Put at least 10% of your net income directly aside in your investing fund. (You will learn more about this later.)
Do you need to study to be able to do what your heart is telling you to do? *
Can you get more knowledge on the internet, where MANY courses are for free?
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Do you think that you can sell services or products and get (partly) paid in SPURT *
See the above example. What is YOUR plan? Explain your answer, please.
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What could you PRODUCE yourself and sell? *
Do you make beautiful art you could sell first in your area and then worldwide? Do you cook good meals? Are you an excellent cleaner? Would you paint all houses in nice fresh colors? WHAT can YOU produce?
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Can you offer a service? *
Could you help others with the things that need to be done on the computer? Would you teach seniors the computer? Would you teach them how SPURT is functioning? How can you make another person HAPPY with what you do for them?
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What could you BUY to sell it with profit to make the life of the community better? *
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What did you learn from the inquiry for your community? *
Did the people bring you to new ideas on what you could do for your community?
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I allow this information to be shared with the leaders of my team. *
This is ONLY for intern consultation so that there is more support available.
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Add what YOUR ideas are! You can go back to this form and add new ideas. Discuss this within the group. There is also an inquiry you can use to go out and ask the citizens of your community what THEY want or need.
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