Simon Marais Mathematics Competition ("Competition") @KAIST Student Registration Form 2019
Registration Deadline: Sep. 17, 2019 (Tuesday)

Competition Date: Oct 12, 2019 (Saturday)

SMMC 2019 대학생 수학경시대회
아래는 간략한 참가 정보입니다. 참가 자격이나 범위의 세부 사항은 다음을 참조하세요.

자격 : KAIST 학사 과정 학생 (2019년 가을학기 현재 KAIST 학부과정 재학생으로서, 휴학 제외 학부 재학기간이 4년을 넘지 않을 것. 현재 휴학생도 참여가능)
방법 : 2인1팀 혹은 개인 참여
참가비: 참가는 50 개인 혹은 팀까지는 무료입니다. 답안은 영어로 작성하여야 합니다.

Qualification: Undergraduate students of KAIST. (A current undergraduate student of KAIST as of Fall 2019, who is under 4 years of study. On-leave students may take.)
Category: Pairs (2 people form a team to collaborate) or Individual entry
More details:

Competition Date: Oct 12, 2019 (Saturday)
Session 1: 10:00am-13:00pm, Session 2: 2:30pm-5:30pm,
Location: KAIST (T.B.A.)

Contact: Prof. Mikyoung Lim,

Step 1) Online registration
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Full name of your pair if you'll participate as a pair (else "N/A") *
(Each​ member of a pair has to submit a Registration form) 팀으로 참가하는 경우 다른 팀원의 이름을 쓰세요. 개인으로 참가하는 경우 N/A를 입력하세요. 팀원 모두 이 양식을 써야 합니다.
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Do you give permission for the Organisers of the Competition to publish your name and any photographs taken of you in a Competition context on the Competition website or other Competition-related promotional material? *
Do you confirm that you have read and will comply with the Competition Rules(available on, including not to communicate any questions or answers to anyone (other than your Competition partner, if applicable), and will not cheat in any way? *
Step 2) Submit the physical form to the department office
YOU MUST ALSO download the physical form below, sign it, and submit it to Kim, Doyoung (T. 2704) at the department office of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST.
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