Making a Material Donation to Upcycle Parts Shop
We say it often: Upcycle Parts Shop is fueled by the generous donations of creatives, businesses, and people just like you looking to relieve themselves of material weight and enhance the creative experience for others. We're so glad you're thinking about contributing today!
First things first...
Have you familiarized yourself with our Donation Guide yet? *
To make a truly awesome donation, you should know what items we DO ACCEPT and DON'T ACCEPT by visiting this link: (Last Updated: Jan 2019)
How this works:
--> We get a LOT of donations! We are also a very teeny organization with limitations in both space and human strength, so we have to make important rules for the donation process to ensure that both our shop AND staff remain in tip-top shape so as to not drown in all of your wonderful contributions.

--> Soon after you submit this form, we will email you back to let you know which of your items we CAN and CANNOT accept from your list.

--> We will also offer you some dates to schedule your donation as an official appointment. Thanks for staying organized with us.

--> Though you may have donated a certain item before, it is not guaranteed it will be approved every time. When experiencing too many of one item, we may place a "hold" on accepting any more until our stock goes down.

--> We are ambitious, but we sadly cannot accept every item that comes in our door. Please do not ask us to throw away on your behalf what items we cannot accept, but we will do our best to make suggestions on where these items can go if not with us!

Thank you for your understanding and compassion!

Items currently on HOLD until more space clears up:
Wire hangers
(used) Shirt Boxes
Clear 2 Liter Bottles
Cardboard Canisters (think oats)
Let's Begin!
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