2021 PECS Volunteer Application
PECS guides nearby Richmond high schoolers through the college application process. We hold workshops where high schoolers pair one-on-one with VCU students to mainly write admissions essays, but also discuss college choices, navigate college portals and financial aid, and serve as an approachable peer. Email PECSatVCU@gmail.com with any questions and visit us at PECSatVCU.com.

Flex your PECS for college success!
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We strongly encourage the open sharing of personal (i.e., only email and text) contact information, which falls under our philosophy of creating and maintaining strong peer-to-peer mentorship bonds with our students. If you do not consent, please input “Nope”.
Are you a VCU Honors Student? If so, do you need Honors Engagement points? *
Year at VCU *
Freshmen are given a slight edge for mentoring positions because of their more recent experience with Common App, Coalition, SlideRoom, and other portals/requirements for college application. However, we will not discount your application if you are an upperclassman.
What is your major? *
If you are undeclared, please state this or any other potential major(s) you plan to pursue.
Please list some of your extracurricular activities and interests: *
List any previous experiences relevant to your application as a PECS mentor (E.g., tutoring, classroom experience, peer mentoring, college prep, writing prep, etc.) *
How many colleges/ universities/ programs did you apply to? *
Please type the # of colleges/universities you applied to during high school-college transition. This applies if you applied to only one (or more) community college(s) and if you took a gap year in between high school and college/university. This also applies if you applied to four-year institutions from the end of your two-year community college enrollment. If you applied to several colleges/universities, decided to attend a community college, and then applied to several colleges/universities again, please input the TOTAL NON-REDUNDANT SUM of colleges you applied to; do not count colleges/universities you applied to twice within all your application time.
What colleges/ universities/ programs were you ACCEPTED to? *
Please, oh please, DO NOT only input the most prestigious and/or your most proud acceptances. Our students require mentors with a wide range of school acceptances. If you were accepted to specialty programs/schools, please list them too (i.e. BS/MD programs, art schools, welding school, etc.) (Example Response: VCU, UVA, UofR, etc.)
What application portals did you use? (e.g. CommonApp, Coalition, school portal, etc.) *
Did you apply for financial aid/scholarships? *
Where did you find information on financial aid and scholarships during the application process? *
Do you have experience applying through FAFSA? *
What advice would you give to students in the college application process? *
Are you interested in a leadership role? (i.e., potential future Executive Board position) *
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