Finally Solving Personal Data Privacy
Market Validation Survey - Context
We are a Canadian company bringing a blockchain-enabled document verification service to market and are seeking market validation for our innovative solution. All information will remain confidential and will not be shared or used for any solicitation.

We believe the security and immutability features of blockchain allows us to deliver the following benefits:

For Organizations - Significant organizational operational efficiencies, savings, Master Data Management and data sharing capabilities.

For Clients - A more "digital first" experience that gives them greater control and security over their personal credentials and how they are shared with 3rd parties.

For 3rd Parties - 100% certainty of document authenticity.
Name of your organization *
What industry segment is your organization in? *
Does your organization issue documents or credentials to clients today? *
How many clients does your organization serve? *
Are your clients often asked to present those same documents back to your organization or other entities in conjunction with eligibility determination activities? e.g., such as other government departments or private sector organizations? *
What operational savings might be realized by your organization if client credentials were made available through a secure and immutable repository? *
No Savings
Significant Savings
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the strongest), how mature is your organization's Master Data Management (MDM) practice? How easily do your systems of record seamlessly share client information? *
1 = List Provisioning   3 = Peer Access 5 = Centralized Hub 8 = Business Rules/Policy Support 10 = Enterprise Data Convergence
List Provisioning
Enterprise Data Convergence
Would a secure and immutable database of important client information lead to cost savings, operational efficiencies or improved client satisfaction?   *
Has your organization explored the potential integration of client digital wallets? *
What benefits do you believe your organization, clients or affected 3rd parties could realize using blockchain? *
Faster Eligibility Determination
Reduced Client Service/Handling Times
Reduced Fraud/Improved Audit Control
Reduced Transaction Costs
Greater Convenience
Organizational Operational Efficiencies
Client Benefits
3rd Parties/Partner Organizations
Would your organization be interested in learning more about this technology and how it provides significant benefits securing your data and delivering client value?   *
Other comments/questions/suggestions... *
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