Research Survey: FOSTA/SESTA & SWs or Artists.
Are you a Sex Worker, Performing artists, Visual Artists, Sex Educator, Erotic Writer, Content creator for 18+ audiences, ect ect That has been effected by FOSTA/SESTA?

The Following survey is for historical record and a part of the final parts of statistics collection for "Policing Muses: A History With Pasties and Mirkins", due to be available this fall. Policing Muses is an account of covering womens bodies in the arts, from reports of bygone raids to contemporary Blue Laws.
All results will be preserved and donated with the rest of the research as a whole to museums whose mission statements will accept it for vernacular history for preservation.
It is important to me that we finally include our own voices in the narrative that glosses over us, that includes minorities, as representation matters.
 You may do this anonymously or leave your contact info & stage name at the bottom if you are interested in being interviewed later.
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Are you any of the following?
If you wish to define or note a category specifically what you do you may here:
Age range
Do you use social media and subscription platforms for your career?
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Is this your main source of income?
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What social media or subscription platforms are you on, whether for hobby, marketing or profit?
On any of these platforms have you been effected by FOSTA/SESTA?
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Have you even been Shadowbanned or experienced a platform canceling, blocking, or removing your account for sexual content?
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Have you ever been arrested for indecent exposure?
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If a performer or sex worker, have you ever experienced a raid or arrest while, before or after performing?
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If you are comfortable, would you share that experience with us?
Do you Identify with or as any of the Following?
Have any of these affected you concerning FOSTA/SESTA or blue laws/arrest? Have you experienced additional prejudice?
can you share any FOSTA/SESTA  experiences? and if so on what platforms?
Have you lost income due to FOSTA/SESTA?
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If So, can you estimate how much income you have lost per incident?
How much do you think you've lost in income per year due to FOSTA/SESTA?
Do you have any comments  on policing of Femme presenting bodies that'd you'd consent to being quoted on(Anonymously or otherwise)
If you consent feel free to leave your stage name/Alias/ DBA/Brand & any contact info. (Especially if you'd like to be interviewed with a transcript for Museum donation/preservation and receive a copy)
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