Alliance Seattle Pre-Registration Form
This form allows PCs and NPCs to pre-register for Alliance Seattle LARP games!

Are you a new player? If so, we recommend reaching out to our New Player Representative, Evan Rawson, at!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Note: DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO CREATE A NEW CHARACTER. Send an email to Logistics ( to create a character.

December 7th - December 9th Weekend Event prices are:
PC Pre-Registered before Deadline - $70
PC Not Pre-Registered before Deadline - $90
NPCing is Free
Note: Players 8-13 years old will be charged $40. Players under 8 years of age not permitted.

Food Plan - Add $20 ( Requires pre-payment at least 1 week prior to the event - you may send to

Blanket a 2nd Character - Add $20

Verify if you qualify for a $10 discount off your December event by visiting the forum post.

First Name *
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Last Name *
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Are you planning to PC or NPC? *
Would you like to participate in the Meal Plan? *
Costs $20. You *must* prepay the Meal Plan fee before the pre-registration deadline. Lunches are not provided. No meal plan provided for Game Day events.
If Participating in the Meal Plan, do you have any allergies?
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Would you like to blanket a second character for $20? *
If you are attending an event as a PC or NPC (And your character is housed with this chapter), you get the XP added to your first character as a part of your event fee. For an additional $20, you can have the same logistics periods of XP added to a second character.
If blanketing a second character, which character would you like that blanket applied to?
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