WRCCS Professional Learning Registration 2019-20
Hello! You may attend all WRCCS sessions for no cost, but we do ask that you provide us with the information below.

Tracking this information will help us record participation for future micro-credentials, fulfill the requirements of reporting attendance for our federal grant, as well as fulfill reporting requirements if you currently or someday hope to have a DPI charter schools grant. Thank you for your help!

Note: You and your team members may fill out this form as many times as you would like, so feel free to sign up for one or more courses each time.
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Course Registration
For which online session(s) would you like to register?
Online via Zoom (join event via video)
Feb 10 - Charter Schools 101 for Families (Webinar)
May 14 - Charter Schools 101 for Families (Webinar)
For which in person work session(s) would you like to register?
In person
Dec 5 - WRCCS Work Day (Kaleidoscope Academy / Valley New School - CESA 6)
Dec 10 - WRCCS Work Day (Bruce Guadalupe - CESA 1)
Jan 14 - WRCCS Work Day (Journey Charter School - CESA 6)
Jan 31 - WRCCS Work Day (Denmark Community School - CESA 7)
Feb 5 - WRCCS Work Day (Escuela Verde - CESA 1)
Feb 21 - WRCCS Work Day (Carmen Northwest - CESA 1)
March 11 - WRCCS Work Day (DC Everest Idea School - CESA 9)
March 27 - WRCCS Work Day (Birchwood Blue Hills - CESA 11)
April 8 - WRCCS Work Day (Class ACT Charter School - CESA 12)
May 1 - WRCCS Work Day (Northwest Passage High School - MN)
May 7 - WRCCS Work Day (ILEAD Charter School - CESA 5)
June 5 - WRCCS Work Day (Clark Street Community School - CESA 2)
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