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We are looking for volunteers throughout London. Your postcode district lets us know which area you are in. Your postcode district is the first section of your postcode, e.g. N18, NW3, SW18, W3.
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Volunteer to help distribute the National Park City Maker Paper around London *
We’re looking for volunteers who can help distribute National Park City Maker. This important publication will inspire people to get involved with the National Park City and to help make London greener, healthier and wilder. Can you help us get copies to local leaders and influencers? Would you like to give copies to each household on your street to inspire action? Want to be involved?
Volunteer to congratulate people *
We want to recognise households that have greener and wilder gardens. To do this we’re getting some postcards made that thank households for making life a bit better in London. The front of the postcard, which can be stuck into a front window says “We’re growing the National Park City”. We’re looking for volunteers who would like to distribute some postcards in their neighbourhood. We’re also looking for someone who works in an office in central London who can help with distributing them to volunteers who will come and collect them. Want to be involved?
Do you work in a central London office that could potentially be used to help distribute the postcards or Maker papers? *
We are looking for location or locations in central London that our volunteers could visit to pick up postcards and/or Maker papers to take away to distribute. Do you work in a central London office or other type of premises which may be able to host guides etc for distribution in this way?
Volunteer to help with the National Park City Fair
The National Park City Fair will be on Saturday 29th June at Conway Hall, Holborn. We need volunteers to help in the weeks ahead of the fair organising and interacting with all the fascinating speakers and groups taking part, and then volunteers on the day. Are you interested in helping out? It's a lot of fun and so interesting to hear about what everyone is achieving around London!
Setup an informal National Park City Group *
Would you be interested in setting up an informal National Park City Group? This could be on your street, as part of an established group or within an organisation. Inspired by the National Park City you’d decide things you wanted to do together… and then do them. You might want to explore London in new ways, act to make the city greener or help us with campaigns. Let us know here. If you answer Yes or Maybe we will ask for a few more details.
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