FRHS COLOR GUARD Pre-Arranged Absence Form 2019-2020
COLOR GUARD is a unique activity where every member plays a vital and irreplaceable role. All rehearsals and performances are mandatory and attendance is taken at every band event. Please remember that your absence from a rehearsal will make it much more difficult for those around you. Each missed rehearsal, may result in a loss of participation points for that day. If a student is habitually absent from rehearsals, this could result in the loss of performance privileges, letter points, or dismissal from the FRHS Band/Color Guard Program. However, there are some reasons that excuse a student from a rehearsal; extreme illness and family emergency. We appreciate that many of our band families work diligently around the band schedule to minimize the impact of absences on our learning and team-building.

Any absence that cannot be avoided must be documented on this form.

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