Durham Beyond The Blue is a peer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting families of law enforcement officers in Durham. We strive to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in life in law enforcement.

Spouses and children of law enforcement officers face a unique set of circumstances that lends itself to the need for education, emotional support, better awareness, training, and tools to enable families to thrive, not just survive.

Mental health resources and support systems for families are often not recognized by the existing benefit programs of police services, nor are there proactive programs that empowered families to identify signs of OSI, PTSD and other on the job stressors that can plague our community. Durham BTB with the endorsement of the Durham Regional Police will coordinate resources that aid in offering education, training & practical tools to law enforcement families and fostering a community of support for the enrichment of family life.

Durham BTB is a Chapter of Canada Beyond The Blue - all of which are run by volunteers who are officers and civilian members of law enforcement as well as their family members. It is this vested interest that drives their passion and dedication.

This application is for a position on the Board of Directors. These positions are a 2 year commitment and are voted on by the Board and it's members. By applying to the Board, does not guarantee you a spot on the Board of Directors.
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