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Do you...? *
What do you like most about the Old Town area? *
In your own words what aspects of the Old Town require improvement? *
What does the Old Town say about Gibraltar? *
How would you summarise the area in a few words? *
Overall, how do you think the area has changed over the last 10 years? *
In the Old Town, do you consider the following to be high, medium or low priority? *
New homes built for sale/rent for the local market
New homes built for sale/rent for the luxury market
Improvements to the existing properties
Better choice in housing available to buy/rent
Changes to the road and street layout
Road and street improvements
Increase in car parking provision
Improvements to the cycling and walking environment
Redevelopment of dilapidated /derelict/underused properties
Improvements to the quality of public spaces and environment
Improvements to the appearance of the local shopping areas
Improvements to local health facilities
Improvements to local community facilities
More children play areas
Improved street lighting
Improving the quality of the pedestrian environment
Increasing the provision of employment floor space
Increasing the provision of office floor space
Protection of building of heritage importance characteristic to the Old Town
Resisting demolition of buildings in the Old Town and replacement with new build
Improvements to the tourism product offering
Maintaining the Old Town as a destination offering an authentic, enriching experience due to its historical and heritage identity
Any other priorities?
About the Proposal
What do you know about the current condition of the site (internally and externally)? *
All buildings are structurally safe
All facades can be retained
Any other information?
What do you know about the history and age of the site? *
All buildings were built sometime post-1900
All buildings were built sometime pre-1900
All buildings have heritage features
Only buildings facing College Lane were built sometime pre-1900, others were built post 1900
Only buildings facing College Lane have heritage features
Any other information?
Where did you learn this information (Q’s 11-12)? *
About You
How long have you lived in Gibraltar?
Do you live in the Old Town?
What age group do you fall into?
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Are you
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
How would you describe your ethnic origin? *
Would you be interested in participating in forthcoming local meetings or consultations in order to have your say in the future of the Old Town and other local areas?
Thank you for completing this questionnaire
You were handed this questionnaire by Planning Vision Ltd. This survey is being undertaken in order to gather information concerning the site known as 47 Line Wall Road and 15 & 17 College Lane and your knowledge and opinions associated with the site, as well as in the context of the wider area of the Old Town within which the site is located. Collected data will be analysed and presented within a Statement of Objection document prepared by Planning Vision Ltd. on behalf of the Collage Lane Action Group (CLAG), which seeks to showcase the variety of pubic opinions on the subject matter, the potential  influences behind these differences, the level of knowledge about the site and the subject matter and individual priorities, as well as how providing information to the public is key to ensuring sound understanding of any proposal, which permanently affects our build environment. The intention of the efforts undertaken by CLAG is to provide an opportunity to explain processes, provide information and gather feedback. The efforts constitute open events aimed at creating an open forum for discussion, allow for information exchange and  facts to be presented by an independent third party with the view of providing feedback on consultation as part of the submission to the DPC. Your answer will also assist in efforts to develop a Vision for the area. The answers you provide are confidential and will be used in conjunction with those of other individuals interviewed to produce overall analysis. Results will be announced on social media and can also be obtained by contacting Planning Vision Ltd., 1 Garrison House, Gibraltar, either by phone on 20065888 or by email to 
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