2020 Fine Arts Education Day Performance Application for April 1, 2020
Complete and submit this form if you would like to have your individual student, ensemble, or performing group considered to participate in the 2020 Fine Arts Education Day (Wednesday, April 1, 2020) at the State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.
DEADLINE FOR FORM SUBMISSION is March 1, 2020. ( Form submission date will be a consideration in the selection process.)
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(a lunch of pizza and bottled water is provided for all participants in the Governor's Garden at 1:00 p.m.)
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Description of Spoken Word Performance (Rotunda 10 a.m. - Noon)
Spoken word performances can be scheduled in the Rotunda prior to the Noon concert hour. These may be individual, duet, or ensemble, spoken word events. Each should be no more than 7 minutes in length. Please include work to be performed and time estimate.
Description of Display (Rotunda 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
Static displays of projects may be set up on tables around the Capitol Rotunda during FAED. Displays should be set up by 10 a.m. and remain in place until 2 p.m. Students should be present to explain the project featured in the display. Please describe the display you plan to set up in the Capitol Rotunda (tables and chairs will be provided).
Description of Rotunda Musical Performance
Describe or list what you plan to perform in the Rotunda: Please note that the music concert will be in the Rotunda from Noon - 1:00 p.m. and will include a combined ensembles finale. In this short time frame MAAE attempts to feature a variety of instrumental and vocal music, as well as dance performances using music. Groups will be limited to 7 minutes of performance time (probably 2 selections) with a total time of less than 7 minutes. Please list ALL selections to be performed along with estimated performance time. If you plan to use a recorded track for your performance it must be submitted at least one week in advance to Jeff Sandquist at: jsndqst@gmail.com You may request additional performance times outside in the Carnahan Governor's Garden east of the Capitol. .
It is NOISY in the Rotunda during the performances. Priority is given to groups involving more students for the Noon - 1:00 p.m. music/dance performances. It is suggested that bands and larger instrumental ensembles perform in the Carnahan Governor's Garden where there is more room, and longer performance spots (time for set up and tear down etc). If you have a small group, or soloist, please consider requesting an outdoor performance. Groups performing in the Rotunda are expected to stay to participate in the Finale. Information regarding the finale will be sent out to all participants.
Please check the boxes below IF you will require the equipment listed.
Outdoor Musical/Spoken Word Performances - Carnahan Governor's Garden
The SOUTH STEPS are still under construction this year in April. ALL outdoor performances will have to be in the Governor's Garden again this year. This venue is appropriate for large instrumental ensembles, jazz bands/choirs, as well as solo and small ensemble performances. Bands/Jazz Bands/Choirs or large theatre ensembles may request up to 20 minutes of time. Solo, duet, and small ensemble singing/musical theatre performances and spoken word performances should be no more than 5 minutes in length. Depending on weather you may not have a large audience outdoors. The State Facilities and Management will not set up chairs if it is raining. In case of inclement weather it will be up to the director of the ensemble in consultation with MAAE leadership to determine if the weather is acceptable for performance. Please list ALL selections to be performed along with the estimated performance time. ALL recorded music tracks must be submitted at least one week in advance to Jeff Sandquist at: jsndqst@gmail.com
It is often WINDY in the Governor's Garden. Please bring clips or clothes pins for securing music to stands etc. The following equipment will be available on site. *
Please check the boxes below IF you will require the equipment listed.
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