What Online Business Should You Start?

Who is this quiz for?
- Anyone that wants to start an online business but doesn't know exactly what business model to use.

What are the purposes of these questions?
- This information will be fed into an algorithm to determine the best possible online business for your personal circumstances.

Why do you need an email?
- Your responses on this form will be analyzed by our algorithm to determine the best possible online business for you to start. You will then receive a free Ebook guide that will provide a step-by-step process to starting that online business.

How do I receive this free guide?
- You need to consent* to future communications (1x per week newsletter with blog posts as well as exclusive material) at the end of this survey. Then our algorithm takes your answers and your email address and adds you to our email list.
- Your welcome email (from leo@incometowealth.com) will contain your pdf ebook guide. Please be aware your welcome email could go to your inbox or spam folder depending on the email client you use.

Good Luck,
Leo Candoza

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