Nest 2019 LNT Volunteering
Sign up for Leave No Trace Shifts! Email with any questions. If you're interested in one of the roles, we'll get in touch! Love, Stacy and Danson
Schedule of shifts this year:
Monday-Sunday, May 20-26:
11:00 - Take all rubbish up to the skips and MOOP sweep. Hangovers welcome!
13:40 - The 10-to-2 Tidy-Up! - lead the site in taking 10 minutes to tidy up their camps and common areas.
17:00 - Outreach and MOOP sweep - educate participants and lead by example.

Monday-Tuesday, May 27-29:
11:00 - MOOP sweep, strike, and space check-outs
14:00 - MOOP sweep, strike, and space check-outs
18:00 - MOOP sweep, strike, and space check-outs

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Are you with a camp? If so, which? (Are you the camp's LNT Liaison?)
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Are you interested in being a Free Camp LNT Liaison?
Are you interested in being a Day Lead? This is responsibility for one full day of taking camp bins up to the skip (two shifts, 11am and 5pm), letting everyone know on the radio and in person that it's time for the ten-to-two(13:50) tidy-up, and meeting the shift vols to hand out bin bags and do a rubbish ground sweep. Keep your eagle eyes peeled the rest of the time too. Fill in a little map with the rubbish hot spots.
Are you interested in an LNT shift? Come to one or more twice daily shifts (11am and 5pm) to sweep the entire site for MOOP (matter out of place) and help bring bin bags to the skip. If you click "yes" or "maybe" we'll be in touch about when!
Are you interested in being Build Lead? This involves posting signage, meeting the skip delivery, generally setting things up, and making sure Build doesn't generate mess.
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