McMaster Engineering Society Sustainability Committee Application
Apply to join the McMaster Engineering Society Sustainability Committee!

Sustainability refers to the long-term balance between economic, social, and environmental factors of our world. Achieving a sustainable society means that no one of these three pillars suffer in order to make gains in the other. For example, recycling is a way to reduce the amount of raw materials taken from the earth in order to produce things for our economy and use in our everyday lives. Through recycling, we as a society come closer to achieving sustainability.

This committee is focused on creating tangible and lasting changes on campus and in the community to bring the McMaster Engineering Society, McMaster, and Hamilton closer to sustainability.

We are looking for enthusiastic engineering students from any year or program to bring their ideas and leadership to the committee. This is the fall round of applications so if you applied in the summer you do not have to re-apply! This form closes on September 15th!

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What program are you in? *
Include your stream (example: Electrical Engineering) and whether or not you are in Society/Management or iBiomed. If you are in first year, specify "Eng 1" (or iBiomed 1).
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When are you available to start? *
It's no problem if you can't start meeting up with us until the fall semester starts, but if you are around Mac and can start helping out this summer, we would love to get started!
Describe any previous experience with sustainability or sustainable initiatives that you may have.
Examples include planting trees in the community, taking a minor in sustainability etc. They can be extracurricular, at school, at home, or otherwise. Even if you don't have any experience for this section, please still apply! This question is only to get a better sense of experiences that you may have.
What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Sustainability Committee? *
Talk about personal goals, and team goals that you would want to complete this year. This section doesn't have to be massive, but please put some thought into it.
Finally, tell us about any ideas that you might have to improve the sustainability of the McMaster Engineering Society, McMaster University, or the Hamilton community.
We want your ideas for change! They can be problems that you've noticed, strategies for increasing awareness, or ideas for improving things from what they are now! Don't worry if you can't think of many right now, we will have more opportunities for brainstorming in the future!
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