Scottish PowerShell & Devops User Group Survey
To help us understand what members want to get out of the group, where we can improve and where we are doing well we would be very graeful if you could complete the form below. It should take yo no more than 5 minutes to complete and we ask that you be completely honest and provide constructive feedback.

Your feedback is anonymous (unless you provide your email address at the end of the form).

How many user group meetings have you attended? *
If you have not attended one or more meetings, can you tell us why?
What times are convenient for you for online meetings? *
Do you prefer a monthly face to face meeting or online meeting? *
Are you interested in speaking at the group meetings? *
If you answered No or Maybe to the question above, can you elaborate as to why?
We are considering putting an online group together focusing on PowerShell Language Fundamentals (data types, pipeline, general scripting). Is this a group you would be interested in being part of? *
What specific topics would you like to see discussed at the meetings?
Your answer
The numbers attending the group meetings had dropped from an initial high, do you have any thoughts as to why?
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If you could suggest the things that you think would increase group membership, what would those be?
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If you have any other feedback or comments to make please do it here. Any constructive feedback is very much appreciated.
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