Interest Survey for Trailhead Community (formerly known as Stepping Stone Communities) Integrated and Intentional Condominium Building
This interest survey is to be completed by the person who is interested in living in a neuro-diverse community in Littleton, Colorado. This is NOT AN APPLICATION but it will timestamp your spot on the waitlist if you indicate that you would like to be added to it.
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Who should live at Trailhead Community?
3. Which of the following demographics do you feel best describes you (Potential future resident)? *
What County do you (potential future resident) currently live in? *
5. How old are you (potential future resident)? *
Please look at our available floor plans
15. What is your preferred unit type (Potential future resident)? *
Do you plan to live alone or with someone else? *
Did you know Trailhead Community has both rental and purchase options?
Do you want to rent or purchase your condo? *
18. Please rank the following in terms of importance to you in your future home *
Not important at all
Extremely Important
Emphasize personal safety
Meaningful daytime activities or hangout space
Lifestyle of staying fit and healthy
Opportunities to give back to my community
19. What do you anticipate your level of engagement will be in the following? *
Cooperative meal planning
Participate in building management/maintenance decisions
Attend Classes/Social events
Use of Sports court
Use of Theater (media room)
Use of Shared kitchen/dining room
Use of arts and crafts studio
Use of fitness center
Use of outdoor court yard
12. How many combined hours per week (average) are you typically out of your home working, volunteering, attending day program and/or other activities? *
Community Dining Room/Commercial Kitchen
20. How often would you use a meal plan (meals prepared and served in the community kitchen/dining space)? *
21. Do you have any pets that you would want to live with you? *
22. If yes, what kind?
22. Do you have any children who would live with you? *
23. If yes, how many and what are their ages?
24. Do you drive (Potential future resident)? *
25. If yes, do you have your own vehicle(s) that you would be brining with you? *
27. How did you hear about Trailhead Community? *
If referred by a friend, neighbor, coworker, another parent, etc. Please tell us who referred you!
Would you like to be added to our waitlist? *
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