Bumblebees take Flight
Watch the following versions of the "Flight of the Bumbleebee" and vote on your favorite version.
Here is the playlist for watching in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFF0_24SWxs04o4Tb4Yj46YsXJOkyPTsO
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1. Original Orchestral Version
2. Flute- Best flutist in the world: Sir James Galway
3. Flute- Child prodigy
4. Clarinet
5. Bass Clarinet
6. Bassoon Quintet
7. Saxophones
8. Brass- Trumpet Lead
9. Trombone
10. Tuba
11. Marimba
12. Piano- child prodigy
13. Accordion
14. Domra (A Russian Mandolin)
15. Guitar
16. Melodica
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