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PORTAL Postcards Project: Throughout July and August 2020, residents of the Surf Coast Shire are invited to participate in a creative pen pal project. When you register here, we'll send you 5 blank postcards to which you add your artwork. Return the postcards using the return envelope and we'll send 3 to 3 vulnerable or isolated members of the community. The remaining 2 will be sent to other postcard artists. You should also expect to receive one or two in return!
Please note, the details below will remain private. Personal addresses will not be shared between participants. Postcards will be randomly distributed by PORTAL staff as part of the project.
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Postal Address (to receive your blank postcards and to receive a postcard from another Surf Coast creative) *
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I acknowledge that by completing this form, I will be obliged to produce 5 postcard sized artworks and return them to the Surf Coast Shire Council for distribution as part of the COVID Missives project before the end of August 2020.
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