Event/Practice Report
Enter vital basic information from any event where a martial activity occurred. Please enter numbers for each martial activity separately (ie: one entry for archery, once for siege, etc) per event where numbers are available. If you have past numbers, please feel free to enter those as well. If not sure about the total at event, enter zero, but would be great if available.
Event/Practice Name *
ie: Adiantum Archery Practice, Pennsic War, etc
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Event or Practice *
MiC for Practice or Event *
The person in charge for that martial activity, not necessarily the person entering the data
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Martial Area *
Participants at Event or Practice *
Number of people who signed in and participated in the activity
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Attendees at Event or Practice *
How many people were on site (paid attendees at gate). If a practice, enter a zero (0)
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Date of Event *
or start date if multiple days
Group or Barony
Location where the event or practice took place
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There are many places to find forms, etc, here is a link with some resources: http://periodpersonas.com/village/target-archery/
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