Do you have a friend or family member who moved away from Baton Rouge due to discrimination? TELL US!
Right now federal law protects all of us from discrimination based on certain factors like race, sex and religion, but no explicit federal protections exist for LGBTQ people. Some states have these protections, but Louisiana is not one of them.

We can, however, enact these protections locally. Shreveport and New Orleans already have LGBTQ-inclusive local laws, as do more than 200 cities and towns across the country. We want Baton Rouge to be next!

That’s why Progressive Social Network has been working with the East Baton Rouge Metro Council on an ordinance that would update existing local laws to protect LGBTQ people and others from discrimination in employment, housing, and public places like restaurants.

These protections are badly needed, as anti-LGBTQ discrimination is widespread in Louisiana and nationwide. According to research from the Williams Institute, a national organization that researches LGBTQ issues, 47 percent of LGBTQ Louisianans have been discriminated against at work. Other research shows that 31 percent of transgender people have been discriminated against in a public place, and 20 percent have been unable to find a home or apartment.

Many people leave cities and states due to poor laws that don't protect them. We want to know those stories.
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