New Mayors Cohort 2020
We are excited to launch our inaugural New Mayors Cohort! The Cohort will be grounded in our focus on inclusion across race, gender, and economic status and is open to mayors of cities of all sizes. The goal is to help newly-elected mayors build capacity needed to enact their agendas, while also avoiding common missteps.
Eligibility *
This cohort is by invitation only for newly-elected mayors in the first two years of a 3+ year term who have a firm commitment to the high road principles of equity, sustainability, and democracy.
Commitment to the cohort *
This opportunity offers two in-person trainings: March 19 - 20 in Dallas, TX, and August 19 - 20 in Tacoma, WA, with additional support and resources in between. To ensure the quality of the cohort programming, we ask that participating mayors commit as best as possible to attendance at the two in-person workshops. We know that mayors are busy and city emergencies may come up, however we ask you to make an honest commitment to attend both. We also ask mayors to commit to attendance at 1-2 video conferences: Scheduled from May to July, with the facilitator and cohort members. These will focus on peer learning and implementing strategies learned from the workshop.
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