Peer Learning - BEFORE
1) I am a:
2) My Country is:
3)Group work/ peer learning is more beneficial than individual work during the lessons
4) Peer work is used often enough in my school.
5) Peer interaction helps students obtain a deeper understanding of the material
6)Engaging in peer learning enhances my social skills.
7) Using cooperative learning promotes friendship among students.
8) Peer learning enhances the learning of low-ability students.
9) Using peer learning fosters my positive attitudes towards learning.
10) It is possible to evaluate students fairly when using peer learning.
11) Peer learning is appropriate for every subject.
12) Implementing cooperative tasks can take too much class time.
13) While implementing group work, classrooms can be too noisy.
14) Peer learning gives too much responsibility to the students.
15) Peer learning may create student-friendly atmosphere during the lessons.
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