Peer Learning - BEFORE
1) I am a: *
2) My Country is: *
3)Group work/ peer learning is more beneficial than individual work during the lessons *
4) Peer work is used often enough in my school. *
5) Peer interaction helps students obtain a deeper understanding of the material *
6)Engaging in peer learning enhances my social skills. *
7) Using cooperative learning promotes friendship among students. *
8) Peer learning enhances the learning of low-ability students. *
9) Using peer learning fosters my positive attitudes towards learning. *
10) It is possible to evaluate students fairly when using peer learning. *
11) Peer learning is appropriate for every subject. *
12) Implementing cooperative tasks can take too much class time. *
13) While implementing group work, classrooms can be too noisy. *
14) Peer learning gives too much responsibility to the students. *
15) Peer learning may create student-friendly atmosphere during the lessons. *
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