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An easier way to ask me for a fantasy art illustration. Have an idea, tell me about it, choose the commission type which applies the best, and leave the rest to me.
How does it work
Ready for drawing that fantasy character you have in your mind! From a lonely hero to an exiled witch! Humans, elfs, vampires, gods, whatever you imagined, and her magical sword, and his lucky charm, all the accesories they can carry with them. In the Misty Mountains or in a Hidden Forbidden Cathedral. Wherever you want. Children book styled and magic included. Also fanarts. Just tell me and I will draw.
-Illustration (175x270mm)
-Unregistered shipping the final piece to your home. For registered shipping a plus should be payed, depending on your location.
- Payment will be split in two halves. First payment will be payed when the commission is started, and the second part when it's finished. For both payments, I will send a bill via Paypal.
-I reserve the right to decline any project I won't feel comfortable with.
-Due to quality issues, I won't accept more than one commission per week. You'll be told whenever I can work on your project.
-Estimated delivery time: 5 days. This may vary depending on the revisions and the current chaos happening in my life ( I'm preparing myself for Cambridge exams). You'll also be told.
-The final illustration will be send to your home, unregistered unless specified. Shipping included in the price.
-You'll also get a PNG of the final piece.

You can check more of my works on my portfolio:

Type B
Complete illustration of several characters in a scene:
1-3 characters
full detailed scenario
watercolours and Sakura Pigma
Type A
Simple illustration of a single character on a simple background:
1 character
Simple background
watercolours and Sakura Pigma
NEW! Type C
Complete illustration of several characters in a FANTASY BATTLE scene:
1-3 characters
full detailed scene
watercolours and Tachikawa G
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