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To reopen your work you will need the email Google sends you when you press "SUBMIT". If you lose it you will have to do it all again.
keeping you safe
As someone with the Volunteer Network, you need to tick each one to show you will agree to follow all our policies about being nice to each other
we will automatically email you all the links so you can access them in the futter if you need to
.During your involvement with the Volunteering Network you will take part in a range of activities. You will be sent the details of the activities, meeting points and equipment needed via email, instagram pdf, facebook (Max Mcmillan) . It is essential that you read these instructions prior to your volunteering in order to keep you informed and safe. Please read through the information and tick all the boxes to show your understanding and agreement.
Extra bits about you we could help with such as: a medical condition, Dyslexia, allergies, missing a leg or English is not your first language. IF NOTHING SAY NOTHING
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What do you want to get out of your time with us?
such as build your CV, have fun, be more confident, practices working in a team or with the public
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thinking about the skills you are going to use or learn with the volunteer network how will they help you in the future
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Image and Audio Consent
TVN uses photographs and video clips of young people in it’s publications and websites, to help explain the nature of the charity, raise its profile and promote the work it does. By signing below you consent to photographs and videos, including audio recordings, clips of yourself, being used in these ways. If you do not wish for your image to be used please tell us
Behaviour Agreement
This is a drug and alcohol free programme.During this programme you agree to abide by the following rules of conduct: If my behaviour is deemed unreasonable by a Volunteer Network staff member, or my behaviour causes a nuisance or distress, or causes concerns regarding the safety or well being to any other participant, member of staff or myself; I am to be removed from the activity and the parent/guardian will be required to collect me at the time of removal and this could fall anywhere in a 24 hour period. The participant, parent or guardian will be required to reimburse TVN for any additional costs occurred in this respect and arrange transport home for themselves.
medical treatment
I consent to medical treatment being given in an emergency and understand that this might include the use of anaesthetic where necessary. (TVN will make all efforts to contact your parents or Mrs. Glover if such an emergency arises).
TVN is only insured against proven negligence and not for personal injury and i understand that I need to take out personal cover regarding illness or injury, should I feel that I need it whilst taking part in this programme.
Ripped cloths
Due to the nature of the activities TVN provides, please be aware that clothes may become ripped, damaged, dirty. Items such as phones, headphones, tablets, laptops, iplayers etc may not have a secure place to be kept. TVN will not be responsible for loss or damage to these items.Kit lists will be provided but it is advisable to keep items of personal value at home.
Risk of getting injured
The Volunteer Network carries out physically and mentally demanding activities. Each activity is risk assessed for suitability and TVN follows safety procedures, however, the activities can be physically challenging and injuries including bumps, bruising, cuts and abrasions, and other minor injuries are all possibility. By coming to events you understand it is down to you to keep your self safe and follow all the safety rules as they are explained to you. Please check with our staff if you need more information on the activities that you sign up for, so that you know what you are getting involved in.
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how old are you today?
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name and address of your emergency contact or next of kin
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Emergency contact landline phone number:
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Emergency contact mobile phone number:
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do you have any of the following
not often
Asthma or breathing problems
Heart condition
Allergies to any medication
allergies to any thing else (such as food, dogs, flowers)
Fits, fainting/ blackouts
severe headaches
travel sickness
If you ticked yes or "other" to any of the above please explain
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Do you take any medication? If so what and for what
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If it is medically considered necessary, do you agree to any non-prescribe medicine/over the counter such as painkillers being given?
Have you had a vaccination for Tetanus in the last ten years?
Have you been given specific medical advice to follow in emergencies?
please explain if you answered yes or sometimes
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Dietary requirements: Please list any allergies or intolerances, or religious preferences (e.g. Halal) that we may need to know about
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About Training with the Volunteer Network
What training are you keen to do?
Whats your career Target
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Do you know who is supporting your training?
If you have finished please write your name below to confirm this is all your own work.
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