Application Form ~ AYP Leadership Team
Thank you so much for your interest in applying for a chair position on the Arvada Young Professionals (AYP) Leadership Team!

Arvada Young Professionals (AYP) is dedicated to positively shaping the future of Arvada through professional development, community involvement, and building authentic relationships.

The AYP Leadership Team is responsible for managing the planning and operations of the AYP program with the Arvada Chamber. The team cultivates platforms for networking and business growth opportunities for its members.

Please refer to the descriptions of the Leadership positions in the Arvada Young Professionals Operating Document at the following link:

Leadership Team Expectations
All Leadership members will remain in good standing with the Arvada Chamber of Commerce (annual dues paid on time or utilize membership benefit if applicable).

All Leadership positions serve a term of one year with the exception of except the AYP Chair. The AYP Chair serves a three-year term as Incoming Chair (1 year), Chair (1 year), and Past Chair (1 year).

Individuals currently serving in a position are eligible to renew their commitment in the same role or transition to a new position.

The Leadership team members are required to attend monthly AYP Leadership meetings, AYP monthly professional development meetings, and any other AYP-based events to show support of the group.

Leadership members will not miss more than one professional development meeting nor leadership meeting per quarter and will not miss more than one of the additional events for the group per quarter, unless approved by AYP Chair.

Leadership members will coordinate content to engage membership on social media platforms as needed.

Leadership members will commit to participating in Community Impact Projects. Should there be a conflict in participation, leadership member will disclose to committee at time of planning or as soon as conflict is identified.

Further, leadership committee will make an effort to schedule events to include all leadership members.

The Leadership Team is responsible to provide the Chamber Staff Liaison with strategic planning goals for the following year by November 7th of the current year.

Please email Molly at or call (303) 424-0313 if you have any questions!

By checking Yes below, you agree to the Leadership expectations and will adhere to them if you become a member of the Leadership Team. You also acknowledge that your application information will be submitted to a Chamber committee for review. *
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