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This can be either for file sharing, Computer backups or any other services offered by Synology
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Help us understand the kind of data you want to backup
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We calculate storage based on Terabtye. 1TB=1000GB. Give us rough idea of storage required
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If your Company have brances, you may need a NAS per Branch for efficient data backup and later offsite consolidation to once branch
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This would offer a chance to extend the capacity in future, That's incase you have fully utilized current NAS capacity
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Raid allows you to mirror data, thus preventing data loss from disk failures. The raid usually offer 1-2 disks fault torelance
Do you need Diskstation or Rackmountable storage Devise *
Storage are available in two form factor a Standalone Diskstation/Tower or Rackmountable that would be fitted in server cabinet and also mounted with railkits
Whats your choice of Drives ( NAS or Enterprise Drives ) *
Storage can be configured with either NAS optimized drives or enterprise drives. The Enterprise drives are ideal for 24/7 365 enviroment and whithin high workload environments. The Desktop drives are ideal for basic storage and backup solutions
Whats your choice of Drives Brand *
Synology supports various types of Storage Brands. All brands have respective capacities
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Synology supports different capacity per Bay. For example are requirement for 12TB Can be 4TBX3 or 3TBX4 or 6TBX2
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Would you need installation and Training
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