Worldly Event Volunteer "Diplomat"
Thank you so much for volunteering as a diplomat at Worldly Travel Festival on November 16, 2019.

By filling out this form you are committing to be present for at least 4 hours at Worldly Travel Festival. Thank you so much for making this a fun networking and learning experience.

Upon arrival you will be given a badge with a stamp, a stamp pad, and printed "visas." People playing the passport game will approach you and ask you about the country you are representing. You can share with them then stamp their passport and if they want to go there they can have a visa.

This form is meant to not only gather your contact information and availability, but also to act as a guide for the types of questions and conversations you will be having with attendees.

If you are willing to bring any photographs or items from the country you are representing that would be great! This is meant to be a celebration of cultures around the world.

Thank you again. If you know anyone else that can volunteer, send them my way we are looking for as many people as possible. Please feel free to reach out again. You will be hearing from us again a few days before the event to share the final schedule.

All the best,
Emily Rome
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