Application to mod on RPAN
The Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN) is a collection of broadcast communities where users can live stream everything from pets and music to cooking and art.

As RPAN grows and our subreddits grow with it, we're looking to recruit more Moderators to help us keep the subreddits, its broadcasts, and its chats, safe and in compliance with Reddit Policies.

Reddit Content Policy:
Reddit Broadcasting Content Policy:

Ideally, we're looking for users who are already active on RPAN to join our Moderation Team. Previous mod experience is welcome but not required.

By filling in this form, you're expressing your interest to become a Moderator of a sub on the RPAN network. After you fill in this form, the current Moderators will check your profile to see what your current Reddit behavior is like, and to make sure you meet the RPAN Broadcast Requirements. If you're picked, you'll hear from us!

Please note that all mods are required to join the RPAN Moderator Discord server and will initially be placed on a trial period.

Due to the volume of applications, you may not receive a response if you are unsuccessful.
What is your Reddit username? *
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(Note: We require all moderators to have a Discord account as we communicate with other mods across the RPAN network on Discord.)
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Do you have any experience with AutoModerator, community styling, CSS, bot making, or wiki? *
Why do you want to be a moderator RPAN? What would make you an awesome mod? *
If you banned a user and they disagreed with your decision, what would you do? *
If you saw a highly upvoted post that broke the rules, what would you do? *
In your own words, what is the most important quality for a mod to have? *
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