SUTT Roster 2019-20 Form
Please fill out this form to register for the Stanford Triathlon Team for 2019-20
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This is not required. You can add this in once you get one - just save the link to edit your responses after you've submitted this form. USAT membership is required for scoring team points in our conference; thus you should get a membership before racing :)
Are you interested in attending Collegiate Nationals 2019? *
All ability and experience levels are welcome! Check yes even if you're only a little interested - this question is not a commitment to going/not going.
Are you interested in draft-legal triathlon racing?
We will probably have some draft-legal specific bike workouts throughout the season. It's important to have a road bike and some level of comfort riding in a pack.
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What "Level" of Triathlete are you? *
Level I = beginner, Level III = intermediate (>1 year of triathlon experience), Level V = advanced (3-4+ years tri experience)
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