In-House Financial Aid Application
This financial aid opportunity is designed for families or participants who need financial assistance to attend an Edgestrider Academy event. Financial assistance is for families going through special situations and need a lower price while they are going through financial strain, lower-income families and participants who cannot afford the full regular event price, and students who are paying for themselves with low income jobs. Please keep in mind that if you can afford the full price, our organization does need your financial support to continue operating.

In-house financial aid applies donated or fundraised funds to lower the cost of attendance for the recipient. Once awarded, there is still an individual contribution required for each event that the recipient must pay to attend each event, based on their individual needs, and the financial aid will cover the rest of the cost for each event. The financial aid awards are capped at a total of $600 that can be used over the course of several events, and after the maximum awarded amount is reached, the financial aid expires. If the participant still requires financial aid, they can reapply for a new financial aid award immediately. Once the financial aid expires, the cost of attendance will resume the normal amount. Only one award can be issued to any given participant at a time. In order to continue to be eligible for future financial aid awards, the participant must complete the applicable condition, as described below.

For example, if you can afford to pay $50 and the cost of the event is $150, then you contribute your $50 and the financial aid covers the other $100. This can be repeated until the cap of $600 has been reached, even if the amount of your individual contribution fluctuates.  


1) During the course of the financial aid, you are required to complete one of each of the following to help promote and improve our program. We will send each of these documents to you after each event and would like them completed and returned within a week.
          Please complete one of each of the following during your award time:
                   A written testimonial about your experience.
                   Participate in one photo or video shoot.
                   Participate in one video interview about your experiences.
                   Participate in one fundraiser for 4 hours to help fund the financial aid program.  

2) If you are applying for this financial aid award for a second time, you are not required to complete Condition #1, but are instead required to help run a fundraiser. The fundraiser will be managed by a staff member of Edgestrider Academy, and the participant is required to work on the fundraiser for 4 hours per month during your award time.

3) If you are applying for this financial aid award for a third time or more, you can choose to do Condition #1 or #2 to complete during your award time.

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