The Cherryville Little Theatre's "Theatre Intensive Workshop"
This workshop will focus on exploring creativity, emotions, and characters. We'll be working on scenes and monologues that are catered to the individual actor and the strengths and weaknesses they're focusing on.
Oftentimes when in a production, all the blocking and collaborating with other cast members to put on the show leaves little rehearsal time spent digging into characters and the emotions that drive them. This workshop's goal is for each actor to better understand and improve their craft and have a greater appreciation for the complexity of the stories they bring to life onstage.
Actors will also develop leadership skills while cooperatively working together to write, cast and direct their fellow actors.
I'm looking forward to a week of learning and fun!

June 29th-July 3rd

Registration $50
Limited spots are available due to the personalized nature of this workshop.

A snack will be offered each day. $1 concessions will also be available for actors to purchase.
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