Athena Pallas - Detailed Questionnaire...(Kink, Fetish, Roleplay, Domination etc.)
Darling Adventurer...I value and cherish the trust you place in me to explore together and to provide the full experience you are dreaming of. In order to help us to get started together and to allow me to more clearly understand your fantasies and desires, please do your best to answer the following questions. Taking care and time to provide lots of detail and explanation will please me mightily and allow me the best opportunity to assess our fit and get excited about the time we might spend together. I consider myself a Sensual Provider of Delights. My comfort and enjoyment in domination play come from lighter and more sensual forms of DS dynamics. Body worship, sissification, Mommy domming, light humiliation, foot fetish, light bondage, light CBT, pegging and more. MY LIMITS...No medical or heavy pain play. No blood. No scat. I will only engage with clients that I am confident I can provide a mutually safe, respectful and delightful experience to.
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How do you desire to be addressed in sessions? There may be many possibilities, list as many as you like. They might be a name, other terms or perhaps I should name you as I choose? (these can just be examples to give me a sense of what turns you on) *
Preferred pronouns/gender expression? Are you curious about exploring any aspect of gender play? *
Have you engaged a sex worker to help you achieve your fantasies before? If so please tell me about how that went and what your experience was. If not, why? What got in the way? *
Where did you find me? *
What specifically made you reach out to me? Please give as much detail as possible. This is helpful to my understanding of your attractions and interests. Understanding what draws you to me helps me to provide the delights you are seeking. *
How much experience/vocabulary would you say you have in the area of kink, fetish, BDSM? Are you aware of and experienced with using language of consent, safe words etc? I practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) to the best of my ability. Please read up on this if it is a new concept to you.
Please tell me about a fantasy, memory or scenario that you recently or often think about when you masturbate or fantasize. *
Do you watch porn? If so, what sort(s) of porn do you seek out? *
Please patiently look through the following items and let me know how you feel about each...this will help me to determine a path for our exploration together that will focus on your strongest urges, explore ones you are curious about and avoid areas that are no-go for you. Just because I list something, doesn't mean I am necessarily willing to offer it. Please google any terms you are unfamiliar with if you need more information. *
Very Interested
Absolutely not interested
Light restraint (gags, cuffs, light ropes, leash)
Body worship/service (kissing, caressing, massaging, washing, hair grooming)
Foot worship/fetish
Sissification (dressing you in women's clothing, treating you like a sissy boy etc)
Humiliation (using insulting, degrading language and name calling. insisting on humiliating consequences and tasks for you)
Orgasm denial (not allowing you to cum or making you work hard to ear the right)
Ruined orgasms
Service sub (serving through doing chores, errands and tasks for your cleaning, bringing treats, serving food and drinks)
CBT (cock and ball torture - caging, light pain play, sensory stimulation)
Cuckoldry (being forced to watch and assist others serve your mistress, participating as commanded)
Age Play (mommy/child, MILF, teacher/student etc)
light impact (spanking, flogging, caning)
Bi exploration/Pegging/anal play
Role Play (tell me more about this in the notes below)
Fetish wear (whatever that means for you)
Water sports (urine/pee play)
'Forced' (consensual) sexual service (oral, manual, penetration of your domme)
Worship through gifts (showing your Domme your devotion through gifts, treats and tributes aside from regular per session tribute)
Mummification (extreme body constraint)
Pet Play (you are treated like and act like a specific animal pet)
Sensory deprivation (receiving)
Sensation play (receiving)
Any major fetish areas of interest that I have not included? Please tell me! This is not a full list by any means, nor is the fact something is listed, mean that I am willing to engage in that. *
Do any of the following domination styles/archetypes interest you? *
Any major triggers or limits that you are currently aware of? Play or scenarios that might be negatively triggering of trauma or phobias? Any hard limits? *
Is there anything else you would like to express or explain about you or the experience you are seeking? *
Do you have any other concerns, fears or worries about working, playing and adventuring with me? Please let me concern is too small to address or state. *
Virtual sessions by phone or video are also available. If you are interested in meeting in person, please be aware that I require some screening/identification information before agreeing to meet. I will not be confirming a booking until I have received screening information such as a photo of legal photo identification, LinkedIn profile link or recent references from other providers. For Kink/Roleplay sessions I also request a brief phone conversation where we can speak directly about any concerns and assess our chemistry and comfort with one another. And sessions are a delight, but do take time and care to prepare for. I require most sessions to be booked a minimum of two days in advance and for first time meetings, require a 25% deposit on your donation which is not refundable if you cancel or fail to show up. This acknowledges my advance time and preparations. Deposits can be sent by Email transfer, P@ypal or as Am@zon digital gift cards. My hourly rate is $450 for kink & roleplay sessions, more details on fees and screening on my website at *
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