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How much funding does a FM get as a Grant from FSN when starting? *
Where do you download the mods? *
Can you use the FSN plow to plow your fields? *
Can you buy land on the map? *
Can you lease equipment in game? *
What info do you need to put in a Support ticket at minimum for an in game issue? *
When is the "In Game" funds updated on your accounting page? *
What is the number of days before you can request to move to a new Server? *
What is the maximum amount of land value you can pick to buy if moving servers? *
Can you take customs contracts on your home server? *
Can you terraform land? *
Can you log trees on a map with fields? *
What are the maximum trees felled/stumps at one time when logging? *
If doing any logging, do you need an LTO? *
If someone is driving logs for you, do they also need a LTO?
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What is the order of operations for when you have an issue? *
What is the average delivery time for auctions, transfers, or responses to support tickets? *
When is it ok to submit a ticket about not receiving an auction, transfer, etc? *
Should you DM staff to ask about the status on your tickets? *
How much does a building permit cost? *
What is the maximum amount you can have in a bank savings account before you stop accruing interest? *
What is the daily minimum payment on any loan you take? *
If you took a loan of 100k at 2%, what would your payment be on the first day? *
How many days do you have to make payments before you can pay off a player bank loan? *
What impacts server performance in order from MOST impactful to LEAST impactful *
When baling, can bales be stored in a normal shed? *
What is the best baling policy? *
Should you buy in pallets or bulk for best server performance? *
Can you use the Customs Silos to store your own crops if you don't have a silo? *
If something is not defined clearly enough, or you consider it a grey area, what should you do? *
What is the least expensive land ownership in terms of taxes? *
How often are taxes due? *
When you pay an invoice, what happens? *
What is the maximum Liability to NAV ratio currently allowed? *
What Does LNAV stand for? *
What is the difference between Web & Meta Funds? *
How often can you do a funds transfer? *
If you have a disagreement with another player or staff, what should you do? *
If you want to see a feature changed, or are unhappy about a change, what should you do? *
How many factors does FSN balance when adding or changing a feature? *
Can you go back to contractor? *
If you said yes above, and go back to contractor, how many days is it before you can become FM again? *
How many years can your in-game farm be dormant before your assets get taken back and sent to web to make room for a more active farm? *
If you make a deal with any other player, what must you do to make sure it is enforced by staff if there is an issue? *
How many parcels of land can you sell per year on auction? *
How many pieces of equipment can you sell per year on auction?
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How many can pieces of land/equipment can you sell back to NPC in a year?
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If selling land back to NPC, what is the process? *
How many pieces of equipment can you trade into a dealer in a year? *
If you can't pay your bills, how do you file bankruptcy? *
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