Introduction to NVIVO
Please read the information below very carefully:

Course dates: 25-29 March 2019
Times: 9am to 4pm
Venue: ELRC (Challenge Lab)

You need to be able to attend all sessions.

This course aims to introduce postgraduate students to NVivo for qualitative data analysis. The course will consider the planning of a qualitative research project that will be administered using NVivo and how to avoid common pitfalls. It will then look at the different stages of an NVivo project: literature review (using the participants’ research), working with and transcribing different data sources (using sample data or participants’ data if available), analysing the sources using codes and nodes, visualising and querying the analysed data to gain new insights, and finally, importing the data in order to write it up in the thesis or other research publication.

You need a laptop and installation of the NVivo application in order to take part in the course. Once you have signed up for the course, you will receive instructions to install NVivo onto your laptop.

The course will cover the following:
1. Plan the research design for an NVivo project
2. Use literature (and theory) to determine themes and codes for analysis in NVivo
3. Import and analyse different kinds of data using NVivo
4. Visualise and query the data
5. Utilise NVivo reports to write up the analysed data in your thesis or other research publication.

The course is being run by Dr Nompilo Tshuma who has significant expertise in software use for research. The course will be hands-on with lots of opportunity to apply the software to your own research.

During each of the three hands-on block training sessions, there will be significant informal assessment as the participants will be required to complete various tasks in NVivo. At the end of the first two blocks (two-day sessions) there will be a formative assessment task with formative feedback on the aspects of NVivo covered. Formal assessment will be in the form of two possible tasks (detailed below), which will be dependent on the research stage of each course participant. Considering the varied disciplinary requirements in terms of postgraduate research in the institution, this formal assessment will be in the form of a presentation and assessed by both the course coordinator and a disciplinary expert (preferably each postgraduate student’s supervisor). As such, in order for postgraduate students to attain the certificate of competence for this course, they have to commit to attending all the six contact sessions, and their supervisor has to commit to providing feedback on the assessment.

The course participants will be required to select ONE assessment task from the following and make a presentation during the assessment week (3rd week of the course):

1) Create an NVivo project for your literature review with different types of sources (minimum of 10 sources) related to your research. Create memos and links for these sources and code them into nodes. Use a simple query to show the relationships in your literature and run a report.

2) Create an NVivo project for your data and input at least 3 different types of data. Transcribe the audio/video data using NVivo. Create nodes and code the data. Add memos and links. Use a simple query and run a report for your data.

Any questions should be sent to Dr Nompilo Tshuma -

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