Tips/ Submissions/ Ideas for The New Modality
Thank you for your help with The New Modality. We are creating a publication with online and print components, as well as events and a community fellowship.

We're just getting started. Here's a short writeup of what we're doing, temporarily available on Medium until our website is ready:

Here are some notes about pieces we'd love to see, and other pieces we're currently working on:

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc., please DO message Lydia Laurenson — email:, Twitter: @lydialaurenson.

We review this form semi-regularly and will do our best to get back to you — please keep in mind we are a tiny group with many tasks on our plates! And THANK YOU so much, again!!

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We plan to raise money for this project once we have a website. In the meantime, everyone who's currently working on creative elements of The New Modality (writers, designers, editors, etc.) is currently working for free. Are you able to contribute for free, or should we wait to contact you until we have money? *
Where are you located? (We are excited about geographic diversity, and also, we're likely to do events in San Francisco and New York soon.)
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