District Rotaract Committee Application - D5160
Thank you for your interest in the District Rotaract Position for 2021-2022!

For more info on the position of DRR + Team Leadership: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tx4SH1aWB6ZF7YWqIaySMxwf_C4mlJbHdWuYMeEY3Bo/edit?usp=sharing

*If you are interested in holding a general role on the District Rotaract Committee (Lieutenant DRR, communications manager, etc.), apply using this form [open to any Rotaractor]

*Requirement for DRR [must have been part of a Rotaract club executive/leadership team]

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Kylee and Eric!
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Rotaract Club *
Please list the positions you have served in your Rotaract Club *
Why do you want to be DRR? (around 150 words)
If you are interested in a role other than DRR (Lieutenant DRR, a new role, etc.), please specify which role and why. (around 150 words)
How do you envision supporting the clubs in 5160? (around 150 words) *
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