D.M.D Inc. Dancin' Diamonds Auditions 9/14/19 @ 9:00am
This is an audition process to determine a more advance dance team under D.M.D INC. that will push the divas to their highest potential in dance by attending competitions and bookings throughout the entertainment industry such as music videos, shows, Tv and more. Girls Ages 10 - 17 ONLY. Mandatory Saturday morning practice if chosen. Classes will feature a few different styles of dance like Hip-Hop, African, Jazz and more. After you fill out this audition registration, you will automatically be put on the list. For more info please contact us at (617) 861-1256 or DMDinc.Boston@gmail.com. Thanks
Dancin' Diamonds Music Video
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I understand that all applicants must sign in to audition by 8:45am. Late arrival will disqualify the applicant. *
HEALTH WARRANTY: Participant warrants and represents that his/her child/student has no disability, impairment, or ailment that will prevent him/her from engaging in active or passive exercise or that will be detrimental to his/her student’s health, safety, or physical condition if the child/student does engage or participate. If my child/ student has asthma, I agree to provide inhaler and deliver to coach before audition starts. *
I will send a bottle water with my child to the audition. *
I understand attire is all black comfortable clothing. *
As a participant of D.M.D INC., I recognize that there is a possibility of accident or other physical injury. In recognition of such, I agree to indemnify D.M.D INC. or (MAMLEO/City of Boston), its staff or employees from any and all liability resulting from my child’s participation in activities arranged by D.M.D. INC. *
WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Participant and/or his/her child(ren)/ student, using the facilities and equipment do so at his/her own risk. Management/Staff shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries or damages sustained by member or guest in, on, or about the premises of the facility provided by D.M.D INC. *
I'm aware that I will need to sign in and wait on the premises until my child/ren is finished with the scheduled audition and it could take up to 2hrs until audition is over. *
I/We give permission for my child to be photographed and/ or videotaped and for (D.M.D Inc. ) to use the pictures/videos for publicity purposes. It is understood that (D.M.D Inc. ) will not identify my child/student by name on any website or public production. *
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