Records of great people who have strong passion for helping less privileged, invest their strength, time, and also provide resources assistance that sees to the progress of the needy
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A Non-governmental organization, founded in 2013. It is the voice for children with the aim of restoring hope to the less privileged and inspiring lives.

We represent a rebirth of a group of people with a heart, ready to sacrifice part of their possessions in order to salvage the souls of many who are in dire need.

Our Vision

To create a humane and a sustainable society, by being able to reach out, and bring joy to the lives of the people who are in despair. To provide them with a window of hope that, all has not ended.


Is to strive for a society where the dignity of an individual is protected, where adults and children enjoy the right to life and liberty, and where citizens are free from torture and terror.


1. Empower them young.
The foundation goes to less privileged communities, to empower the lives of the young ones to strive for success irrespective of the challenges they go through, and share educational materials for them.

2. Sponsor a child to school project.

The foundation goes to villages and communities and provides sponsorship for children who are out of school.
We provide school fees, uniforms, shoes, books and other learning materials to enable the child go back to the classroom.

3. Zero hunger awareness and clothes donations.
The foundation puts together resources, where we feed the hungry on the street, orphanages and deprived communities.

4. Health Screening
With our healthcare projects, we implement a screening intervention, which is designed to identify diseases in the community, thus enabling earlier intervention.

5. Child abuse prevention awareness campaign.
The foundation visits communities to campaign and have a talk with parents and families on the effects of child abuse.
We also share food stuffs and donate to the community

6. Voice for the voiceless.
We provide legal aid and also pay fines for parents and families who are in prison, and have left their children going through difficult challenges in life.

7. Skills Training.
We partner with other organizations to provide skill training for under privileged girls and women in the communities to provide social relief.

8. Child Mortality Awareness.
We go to communities with doctors to talk to women on preventable death of new borns and children under age with the aim to reduce neonatal mortality in Ghana.

9. Time with The Street.

The foundation goes to the street to interview children, who are out of school selling on the streets, and others who are going through difficulties in life and are on the street striving for survival, and provide supports for them.

Members and Executives

We have great and powerful philanthropists who have strong passion for helping others.

Invest their strength, time, and also provide financial assistance that sees to the progress of this foundation.


We gave great people who have strong passion for helping less privileged.

Invest their strength, time, and also provide resources assistance that sees to the progress of projects.

Our Partners

We partner with companies, individuals donors and philanthropists who believe in our vision.


Facebook : Give Me Hope Foundation

Instagram: givemehopefoundation

LinkedIn: Give Me Hope Foundation

Twitter: @GiveMeHopeGh

YouTube: Give Me Hope Foundation


Motto: Restoring Hopes, Inspiring live’s

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