Sonoma Mountain Regional Park Master Plan Survey
Below are survey questions to help identify your areas of support of SMRP Master Plan. This survey was created by concerned citizens on Sonoma Mountain Road.

Next meeting: Sunday, 11/01/20, 4-5pm.
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1a. We are in a high fire/danger zone year round, which is explicitly stated on the county sign at the base of SMR and BVR therefore I support no bbq pits, or campfires of any kind should be permitted.
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1b. Should we follow the regulations they are imposing in the Tahoe area of high fines, and not even a cigarette or lighter can be in the campsites?
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2. Trail expansion is fine as long as no entry or exit in Coopers Grove from SMR to preserve integrity of Grove and maintain safety along Sonoma Mountain Road.
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3. Dogs should be allowed on the trails.
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4. Should horses be allowed on some trails but only access into park through Jack London State Park and not Sonoma Mountain Regional Park.
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5. Should the enforcement of all cars parked on side of the road from Presley to Top of Sonoma Mtn Rd (Zen center) be ticketed daily?
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6. Should bikes be allowed on all trails?
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7. Group picnic spaces should be prohibited
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8. Sonoma Mountain is also known as a mountain lion habitat and animal corridor. This was one of the original intentions of the park. Increased traffic and people staying in a single place for extended periods of time inhibits that. What is your recommendation to balance the wildlife corridor and increased people, bike, horse traffic in the park?
9a. Should there be ranger led night hikes limited to certain parts of the year?
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9b. Do you agree permitting camping through out the year if there is no ranger on sight (assume campers will take responsibility)?
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10. Please let us know what additional comments or other concerns you have after review of the Sonoma Mountain Regional Park Master Plan.
Thank you for your response! We will be consolidating the information and presenting this at our next SMR Master Plan Meeting. Names, emails, phone numbers will be kept anonymous. Individuals who take the survey will be provided a detailed copy of the results without names, emails, phone numbers.
If you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Rebecca 707-888-7960
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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