Summer Seminars Interest Form
Please answer the following questions so we may gauge interest in the seminars we plan to offer this summer.
All seminars will take place in one week (except for the Research seminars, which will stretch over two weeks) for the convenience of any summer travel plans you have have. If you have more than one student you'd like to register, please complete separate interest forms. Thanks!

Note: Completing this questionnaire does not hold you to any final decision regarding a seminar, but instead offers you first choice on registering for one before it closes out. Once I have at least two interested parties, I will reach out for confirmation and payment information.

You are welcome to share this Interest Form with others who are not current clients. They are able to list you as a recommender in the first statement below and you will earn a discount on your choice of seminar.

SAT and ACT Assessments are not listed here. To read about that option, please visit

Did anyone other than Ms. Lewis send you this interest form? If so, please provide their name and email address here.
Today's Date *
Parent Name, Phone Number, and Email Address for Contact *
Student's Name and Grade Level in the Fall of 2021 (please complete one questionnaire per student in your home). *
Best Phone Number and Email to Reach Student *
1. Which seminars interest your student at this time? *
If you have selected more than one seminar above, please note any that are top choices.
For the next section: Seminars will run in one week (exception is research courses - 2 weeks) I expect seminars to run for 2-4 days in the week for 2 hours at a time. There will be no meetings on weekends. Interested students will help determine the best schedule for everyone in the group.
2. In what weeks could your student attend a seminar? List ALL that apply. The more weeks you select, the better your chances are that your student will be able to enroll in a particular seminar. *
3. What would be the best time windows for your student? List ALL that would work. As above, the more time slots you select, the better your chances are that your student will be able to enroll in a particular seminar. *
3a. If you need to provide any details on your time window choices in Question # 3, please provide them here.
4. If you have any other comments or questions, please note them here.
If you have any additional seminars you'd like to see offered and believe you can find 1-4 additional students to join in, please note that seminar here.
Thank you. I'll be in touch if we find other interested students to match your student(s). Please don't hesitate to invite friends and earn some cash back! Pat
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