The Change Course 2015 - Application
This program is heavily subsidised, and so we ask people who are interested in participating to give us some background, and let us know a little about you and your interests. Last year we had to turn a number of people away.

We will be selecting participants based on a range of criteria... including your areas of campaign interest, ensuring a diversity of participants, your access to other training opportunities, and how keen you are to do the course. Registration of interest closes: 15th May 2015 and you will be contacted the following week, with decisions made by 22nd May. (PLEASE NOTE: We have extended close till TUES 19th) Early applications will be viewed favourably. High attendance levels are expected and the first weekend is necessary for foundational skills.
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What are the current campaigns or projects you are working on? (150 words max) *
It is ok if you are just getting started
Why are you passionate about creating change? (150 words max) *
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Outline your previous experience in campaigning and or creating change? (150 words Max) *
What personal skills, interests, networks, resources, or general awesomeness will you bring to the Change course? (150 words Max) *
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***** PLEASE NOTE **** we have had heard of some problems with submitting responses. Please keep a copy of your answers on file, and email us to confirm you have completed the questionnaire, in case we need to have you re-send - Apologies ****
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