Bullying Report
Please use this form to report an incident of bullying involving an individual associated with South Adams Schools. This report is anonymous but you can choose to leave your name and contact information at the end. Educators are required by law to report bullying and should use the form on the South Adams Staff page.
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I am a *
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The bully (person doing the bullying) is *
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The victim (person being bullied) is *
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The type of bullying is *
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How did you find out about this bullying incident? *
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When did the bullying occur *
Where did the bullying occur? *
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Is this bullying still happening? *
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If yes, to whom was it reported to? Include name and tile (Mr. Smith, teacher; Mrs. Jones, cook) *
if no please enter None
Please describe in detail what happened during this bullying incident. Include the names of the bully, victim and anyone else that witnessed the bullying. *
Your responses are confidential but you may choose to leave your name, email address and/or phone number. You may be contacted for additional information. Staff members at South Adams are required to leave their name.
leaving this blank will ensure your responses being annonymous
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