SPoT Coffee® Preliminary Franchisee Information Form
Please complete this form by providing answers to the following questions in this document and returning
the completed document to SPoT Coffee® for our review. All information contained herein is private and confidential. Any and all personal details shared with SPoT Coffee® in this
document shall be used by the company only to determine the level of franchise qualification possessed by the submitter.
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What is your full legal name? *
What is your current residential address including city, state and zip code? *
What is your primary telephone number? *
What is your primary email address? *
Do you know the difference between a franchise and independently owned business? *
Were you interested in opening a full SPoT Coffee Café or a SPoT Express? *
1)Full SPoT Coffee® locations range in size between 2,500 sq. ft. and 3,000 sq. ft. The town or city in which a SPoT Coffee® is located must have a population no smaller than 30,000 non-transient residents. All full SPoT Coffee cafés must be on major street corners and/or pedestrian areas. They are designed to include a modern prep kitchen, plenty of seating and retail sections.2) SPoT Express café has a size of up to 1,500 sq. ft. is usually situated in high traffic locations such as shopping malls, commerce courts, commercial pathways, hotels, hospitals and airports that call for a compact “on the go” alternative to our traditional full cafés.
If selected to move forward, would you be an owner/operator? *
How did you hear about SPoT Coffee®, and are your familiar with our concept? *
Let us know if you have been to any SPoT Coffee® locations in New York State.
What makes you a good fit for SPoT? *
What unencumbered funds do you currently have available? *
Please indicate if you feel that you are able to provide SPoT Coffee® with the required initial franchise fee for a SPoT Coffee® café or SPoT Express location, as well as the additional funds required to complete the build-out.
How do you plan to finance your franchise? *
How long can you support yourself without making withdrawals from your franchise? *
Do you have any co-applicants, or will your SPoT Coffee® franchise location be purchased by a corporation with multiple owners? *
If so, please provide us with relevant details and contact information, as well as a description of the proposed contribution to your franchise café.
Are you currently employed or self-employed? *
If you are currently employed, please provide us with some details about your employer and how long you have been employed in your current position. If you are self-employed, please provide us with some details regarding your business.
What is your top choice for your SPoT Coffee® franchise location? *
 Please provide the name of the city or town where you would like the SPoT Coffee® real estate team to focus on finding a location*.
What income are you hoping to generate on an annual basis? *
Why are you interested in opening a franchise in this field (café)? *
Why would you like to open a SPoT Coffee specifically? *
Do you have any experience operating (or operating in) a franchise food and beverage service establishment? *
If so, please indicate how long you were involved in the operation.
Do you have a marketing plan for helping your franchise grow? *
If you were to selected to join as a franchise partner with SPoT Coffee, what would your long term plan with us be? *
Have you ever been convicted of a felony either in the United States or abroad? *
Are you now, or have you ever been, party to any lawsuit (either as Plaintiff or Defendant)? *
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