Ritual Theatre for Social Transformation
For people who want to re-energise in their work to challenge injustice
Date & Time: Sunday 15th December, 10:30am - 7pm
Location: Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London, England, E1 7LS
Cost: £30-100 sliding scale
How can we process our emotions to activate our imaginations and drive forward together?
Whether challenging global power to protect our planet, demanding the right to safe, secure housing, braving The Hostile Environment, powering through the labyrinth of mental health services, or supporting a friend who has been abused, those of us who care passionately about the world are often exposed to deep pain - both our own and others. Not taking space to heal can lead to exhaustion, burn out and loss of hope… So how can we process the pain in order to feel the hope and joy that is our best weapon as we work to reinvent the world? What would it feel like to collectivise that process? Could we even have fun with it?

This is an invitation to be part of a process of healing, where we can become the authors of our new stories...

Hector Aristizábal was born in Medellin, Colombia during the civil war. Hector has survived imprisonment, torture and the murder of his brother. In exile, Hector struggled to overcome his rage and desire for vengeance and decided to channel these energies instead into constructive social action. Sharing with others the practices that have enabled healing within himself, he has worked with people living through violence across the world. Using techniques from Theatre of the Oppressed & Ritual Theatre, he creates spaces where people can use their creative energy and imagination to heal as individuals and as communities.

This one-day workshop will challenge participants with the following questions:

- Which parts of us need to die so that new versions of us can manifest?
- How do we take care of our own wounds, so that we can hold a space of healing for others?
- How do we design rituals to activate our healing powers?
- How do we challenge the root conflicts within ourselves so that we can instead use our energy to dream, reimagine and reinvent the world?

Participants can expect to:

# Experience the transformation of difficult emotions in a collective space
# Learn tools and techniques from Ritual Theatre & Rainbow of Desires to apply in your work within organisations, families, business or community groups
# Play!
# Activate a network of like-minded theatre practitioners, facilitators, leaders, parents, mentors and trainers

This workshop is suited to: anyone who has the motivation to effect positive change in their lives in order to organise future action

Please email Fausto Llopis at benkaruan@hotmail.com if you have any questions. If you or someone you know can't pay but would like to be considered for a free place, please contact Fausto!
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Still not sure? You can get to know Hector a bit better in this talk he gave called "How to Transform Your Wound into the Medicine the World Needs"
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