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1. The last time you needed an appointment, did you get a virtual (video or phone) or in-person appointment to see a health care provider within a reasonable period of time?
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2. In the last 3 months, did you have to go to a walk-in or Emergency room because you could not get an appointment sooner at Sherbourne?
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3. How many years have you been a client of Sherbourne Health?
4. How many appointments did you have (either in person or by phone or video) in the last month?
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5. Did you have at least one virtual (phone or video) appointment with a health care provider in the past year?
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5.a. If you answered "Yes" to the question #5, how satisfied were you with the virtual care that you received?
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6. Do you know how to provide us with feedback such as a complaint, suggestion, or compliment?
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7. Would you recommend our services to your family or friends?
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7.a. If you answered "No" to the question #7, what would make it a Yes?
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