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Blitz the City is Back!
Blitz the City is a blanket donation event where the team from Chi Town Blankets will "Blitz" the streets of Chicago to donate as many blankets as possible all in one day (11.19.22).

In the days and weeks leading up to the event, we are asking our supporters to get involved by pledging a dollar amount per blanket donated. If you would like to participate, fill out the information below and see how you can qualify to become an MVP Donor!

If you would not like to pledge a dollar amount, but still want to support the event, please consider sharing the event information on your social channels, and/or by word of mouth. Thank you for helping us #ZeroOutCold in Chicago!
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Pledge Amount
Please select below from the predetermined dollar amounts, how much money (USD) you would like to pledge per blanket donated on the 2nd Annual Blitz The City Event Day. **Please note, if you pledge $1.00 (One Dollar) or more, and your total donation amounts to $75.00 or more, you will receive MVP DONOR benefits.**

Your pledged amount below will be used as a multiplier based on how many blankets the Event Team donates on 11.19.2022 as part of the Blitz the City Event. For example, if you pledge $0.25 and the team donates 100 blankets, your total pledged amount would be $25.00.

Following the event, one of our CTB Board of Directors will reach out to recap the day, and to request your respective pledged amount. Donations can be made via Venmo, PayPal, or Check to Chi Town Blankets.
Pledged Amount (per blanket donated) *
Would you like to cap your pledge at a predetermined amount? If yes, please enter the maximum pledge amount below "$XXX.XX". If no, please type "N/A" in the box. (Reminder, to be eligible for MVP Benefits, your donation total must be $75.00 or more.) *
Chi Town Blankets may use donor's Name and Pledge Amount on their website and social media channels for possible promotional purposes. Do you give Chi Town Blankets full and unwavering consent to use your provided information as part of "Blitz The City Event Promotion"? Please explain if you select other. *
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