Hair Extension Application Form
I'm so happy that you're interested in Hand Tied Hair Extensions! You're ONE STEP closer to experiencing the most natural looking, comfortable, and lest damaging hair extensions that are available in today's market. Below you will find some pricing and maintenance information as well as an application if you are ready to achieve the hair of your dreams!

This application will provide me with information about your current hair AND the hair you'd like to achieve with the help of extensions. You'll be prompted to upload pictures of your current and dream hair so that I may have a better understanding of your needs before we schedule a consultation.

Once you submit your form, I'll be in touch to schedule your consultation! - Maria
Hair extensions are an easy way to gain the volume and length that you want! Whether it is for a special occasion, or everyday wear, hair extensions can add glamour and style to your look. We are able to match the extensions to your hair color and they will wash, style, look, and feel like your own natural hair. The hair extensions that we use are high quality, long lasting, and beautiful!

Extensions can last 6 months, however if you take care of it, you can make it last up to 1-2 years! You will first need to schedule a consultation to match up the color of your hair. At that time you would pay a non-refundable deposit for service (amount varies). Once we purchase the hair extensions, we cannot send it back. The extensions take 4 working days to ship.

We will set up an appointment to place your hair extensions. This appointment will take approximately an hour and a half. 

We offer two types of hair extensions, "DreamCatchers" and "Laced Extension".

These extensions star at $1200 and go up in price by length and volume of hair. The DreamCatchers that Maria uses are the brand with the i-tip beaded technique. 
**MAINTENANCE: Every 4-6 weeks, ~$100/hour. These upkeep appointments usually take an hour (we are moving the extensions up), however it could take longer if the hair is matted.

- The Partial ($900) - the most common for adding fullness: includes 4 wefts, 1 row installation, custom shaping, and signature beauty lounge curl out.
- The Full ($1800) - the most common for adding fullness AND length: includes 8 wefts, 2 row installation, custom shaping, and signature beauty lounge curl out.
- The Extra Full ($2400) - Hair from the Hair GODS - full, luscious, and long: includes 12 wefts, 3 row installation, custom shaping, and signature beauty lounge curl out.
**MAINTENANCE: Every 5-8 weeks (depending on hair type) to maintain the health and integrity of your scalp, natural hair, and extension hair.
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